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Hamajima Shoten Co., Ltd. (Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City), 1952-1953


The Hamajima Shoten Co. made the Tachibana Clipper (タチバナクリッパー号) 150cc 4 stroke, syngle cylinder motorcycle, and appear to have been in business only for a year (1952-1953).

The Clipper used what appears to be a mono-shock rear suspension, similar in design possibly to that used on a Vincent. A review posted in the Yaplog commented that it didn't seem to be very stable.

The Yaplog reference indictaed that the Hamajima Shoten engine was used in the Midori and possibly by other brands also. However, the sales brochure shows a TM emblem which is Toyo Motors, so some additional research is obviously required.

Other JDM Machines