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Internal Combustion Industry Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo), 1952-1953


The Internal Combustion Industry made the Midori (みどり号) 150cc motorcycle, and appears to have been in business only for a year (1952-1953) per the chart at the back of 'A Century of Japanese Motorcycles' by Ganneau and Dumas.

An unusual feature of the Midori was its rear suspension. The engine, and rear wheel were mounted on a shared frame and the whole works pivoted just under the seat post with a dampinging spring attached to the front of the engine and under the tank. As motorcycles at this time were used for moving freight as well as passengers, having the rear carry racks or seat all moving up and down as the suspension worked must have been difficult to manage.

The Midori used 4 stroke, syngle cyclinder engines purchased from Hamajima Shoten Co., Ltd. (Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City) who made a model of their own called the Clipper.

Other JDM Machines