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Shinmeiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd., Shinmeiwa Town, Takarazuka City, 1949-62


Another well established company that dates from 1918 and is now named Shinmeiwa Industry Co., Ltd, (新明和工業株式会社). Originally an aircraft manufacturer (Kawanishi Naval Aircraft Corporation, 川西航空機株式会社 ), Shinmeiwa reformed after WWII and in 1946 started development of their own motorcycle engine designs which went into production in 1949 under the Pointer (ポインター号) brand name. They initially offered a 162cc 4 stroke with a 2 speed gear box, and a 62cc 2 stroke, also with a 2 speed gear box. The company still exists today (making aircraft again amongst other things) and per their web site they exited motorcycle production in 1962 as it was not profitable. There is a good overview of the company's history at this link.

Interesting trivia: they also made a self priming agricultural irrigation pump under the Pointer name in 1954, which used the Pointer engine.

Pointer Lassies were exported to the USA between 1960(?) and 1963 per the "The Tiddler Invasion". Models included: the 89cc Lassie, the 89cc Deluxe Lassie, the 89cc Super Lassie, the 123cc Senior, the 155cc Comet, the 123cc Ace Scrambler, and the 250cc twin Ace. Note in the image below that on the Super Lassie, the fuel tank is integrated into the frame !

Other JDM Machines