Other JDM Machines

Tanaka Industry Co. Ltd.

Domestic motorcycle production spanned 1955- 1962.

Production volume in 1958: 252 light motorcycles, 3,261 units moped, 2,025 units EF 150

Models were marketed under the TAS brand and in 1958 included:

A 50cc clip-on engine intended to be mounted on a bicycle frame, and called the Feather.

A 50cc Moped.

The 90cc Canary. Note the plunger rear suspension, and 24 inch wheels. Top sped of 70 kph, 10 l fuel tank.

Two models of 125cc machines, the Deluxe and Vanguard (plunger rear suspension). Three speed gearbox, top speed of 80 kph.

And the top of the line 150cc EF. Three speed gearbox, top speed of 85 kph, 24 inch wheels

All of these were pre-mix two stroke machines, and all were left foot brake and right foot rocker type gear shift.

Other JDM Machines