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Kitagawa Automobile Industry, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, 1950-59


Originally founded in 1948 as a frame and body panel company, manufacturing started in 1950. 150cc engines were brought in from Fuji Sangyo for the Portly Robin (ポートリーロビン号). At some point engine manufacturing was brought in-house and two other models are listed: the 1953 Portly Liner (ポートリー ライナー。) , which was an ovc 4 stroke, and 1955 Liner Crown (ライナークラウン). The Liner Crown was a 125cc ohv 4 stroke.

In 1953, 4 Sunbeam S7's were purchased from the UK and a new line of machines patterned after the Sunbeam design was on the market in 1955. These included the 250cc Liner TW (ライナーTW型) and Liner TW II (ライナーTWⅡ型) and the Liner TW III in 1957.

The company was absorbed into Yamaha in 1959.

Other JDM Machines