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Abe Motor Company 1950-57


Kobayashi Motor 1957-59


Abe Rihachi had been employed by Meguro Motorcycle prior to WWII and post war he founded the Abe Motor Company in 1950 initially producing the Abe Star A1 which was a single cylinder 142cc four stroke. As with later models, it carried his name on the tank and the engine timing cover. This first offering was followed by:

The company had financial issues in 1955 and eventually went bankrupt in 1957, and was bought out by Kobayashi Motor which went on to produce the:

The FK was notable for having a series of lights on the headlamp nacelle indicating which gear was engaged, which was possibly a first in the motorcycle industry globally.

As was the case for many businesses located in the Nagoya area, the factory was badly damaged by flooding in 1959 during the Ise Bay Typhoon and did not reopen.

Other JDM Machines