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Hope Co., Ltd., Tamachi , Minato-ku, Tokyo, 1952- 63


Hope was founded by a Mr. Ono Takaharu in 1951, and in 1952 they had their prototype 3 wheeled utility vehicle called the Hope Star (ホープスター号). This was in production from 1952 through till 1957 at which point the company switched to 4 wheeled vehicle manufacture. Due to competition, the company switched to making amusement park play equiment in 1965. I believe it is still in business today under the name KHP Corporation.

The original engine was a copy of an early Sunbeam being 360cc and a sv. They switched to a Kurogane 2 cylinder 750cc engine, and then for 1958 to a Tohatsu (?) 350cc split single 2 stroke.

Note that 'Hope Star' was also a motorcycle made by Tenryu Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. in Hamamatsu City .

Other JDM Machines