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T/GT500 Tools and Pumps

Tool Kits

The early kits included with the T500 models, up to the 1973 K models (to be confirmed) included a box wrench having a universal joint and a removable handle.which were items 2 and 3 in the left photo below. These were definitely no longer included by the 1975 M series tool kits. The contact points file (part 09813-00001) appears to have been included up until the R series in 1971, and as an option in 1972 - beyond that the parts manuals I have do not list them. The points wrench (09930-20111) appears to have been included up to the J models (to be confirmed) and then as an option beginning with the K in 1973.

  • The very early MK I tool pouch opened along the side rather than the end, and the pouch was part number 09811-00118.
  • Below the MK I tool listing is the MK II and later style supplied up till the K models. These included item 2 and 3 for total of 16 pieces. If you click through the stack, you will see the kit supplied with the M model and the GT series having 14 pieces.

Below are photos of the tools from an early tool kit - I have yet to confirm whether the original screw driver handles were black or red (I suspect red). On the right I have included a photo of two of the universal box wrenches (part number 09816-00018) as they differ. One has a longer shank, and as well the shoulder where the shank meets the universal fitting is smaller. There are no visible manufacturer's marks on the ones I have - presumably different suppliers were used, or it may be that one is an earlier one than the other.

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Tire Pumps

Contributed by Eric in Northern Virginia, USA.

There were at least two style of tire pump fitted to the early T500's - the one at the top of the photo has 'Made in Japan' printed length ways on the pump handle and came from a first year T500, and the one in the lower part of the photo has 'Made in Japan' printed on the end of the handle , wrapped around where the nozzle is stored. Both pumps are the same length of 30 cm, uncompressed with the nozzle protruding another 1 cm. The pump casings were made of aluminium.

The pumps were both about 45 cm when fully extended. Below are close-ups of the printing on the handles of the two types - left is early, right is later.

A photo of the nozzle removed from the pump end - relative to a bicycle tire pump, the nozzle is quite long.

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