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T/GT500 Factory Options

For the MK I the tire pump was listed as standard equipment (per the earliest parts manual I have), but the locking pin for it (09821-00003 and also used on the T305) was listed as an option. That may explain why they are so rare now ! In later parts manuals, the tire pump is listed as being an option, and by the 1976 model year the lugs to mount a pump had been removed.

Another rarely found option listed for the MK II through J was the luggage carrier, item 8 in the scan below and part 46310-15100. Other rarely seen items listed include:

Suzuki T500 Performance Tuning Bulletin

Are you interested in getting 60 to 65 BHP from your T500 ? The US Suzuki organisation issued a performance tuning bulletin in 1969 specific to the MK1 and MKII engines, but I suspect it should also have been applicable to models up to the 'M'. It lists both the modifications required, as well as the part numbers of the racing specific parts available directly from Suzuki - although I suspect that none of them are still available. I'm told the theory is a bit dated now, but it is an interesting read just from an historical perspective ! And note that the US organisation refers to the MK I as being the 500/5 to further confuse things.

Just click through the image stack below:

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