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A Field Guide to the Suzuki T/GT500

Production Numbers

Suzuki's internal model code for the T500 was 150, and the total production was perhaps 95,000 machines. Using material published by Suzuki, material printed in Mick Walker's book 'Suzuki Production Motorcycles 1952-1980' and input from owners, the production numbers by year appear to be something like the following:

  • Mark I initially sold in 1968
    • Initial frame T500-10001 and the final frame is possibly T500-16038 (source Mick Walker's book "Suzuki Production Motorcycles 1952-1980", page 94)
    • Initial engine T500-10001

  • Mark II generally sold in 1969
    • Frame T500-20001 (source - Japanese domestic market parts manual shown to the right - just 'click' on the image for a larger version). Note that Suzuki ordered the photos incorrectly in the manual and swapped the MK II and MK III images - the contents of the parts manual are correct. Mick Walker gives a starting number of 20938 (page 94) which seems unlikely and I suspect it is a typo.
    • Engine T500-20001

  • 1971 R model
    • Frame T500-31295 per Mick Walker (page 94), or T500-30846 per Suzuki Canada, service bulletin 07-03.
    • Engine T500-31295 per Mick Walker
      • Note - in the Japanese domestic market, this was called the GT500 and the first frame is shown as being T500-37225. Refer to the copy from the parts manual above right. The last JDM machine (per other JDM parts manuals) appears to have been T500-51588.The GT500 is not shown in the JDM sales material I have for 1974 onwards.
  • 1972 J model
    • Frame T500-46463 per Suzuki Canada, service bulletin 07-03.
    • Engine T500-46463

  • 1973 K model
    • Frame T500-59779 per the Suzuki 'Model Identification Chart' shown to the right (yes - it is an eye test) and also the Suzuki Canada listing.
    • Engine T500-59779

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