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Japanese Domestic Market Material

Drew Courtney in the UK was generous enough to lend me a copy of a Japanese dealer information manual he had purchased, so that I could scan it and make it available to others. It isn't the first time he has done this and his continued support, as well as the support of other like minded owner's, certainly is appreciated.

It is quite an interesting manual to look through, and covers the Japanese 1975 product offerings which generally preceded the machines made available for General Export by one year - so what we know as 1976 'A' models here in Canada and elsewhere was sold in Japan in 1975. I suspect this manual was printed in the September time frame of 1974 or possibly earlier as it mentions the RE5, but offers no real detail. I suppose the other possibility is that the RE5 wasn't offered in the JDM market, but that would need to be confirmed.

As other Japanese language material becomes available, and as time permits, I will add it here. Just 'click' through the image stacks under the different headings.



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