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GT550 Electrical

Kokasun and Nippon Denso

Suzuki used two suppliers for their alternators, regulators, starter motors and points ignitions on the GT550. The alternators had quite different outputs:

Alternator/regulator and points components are not interchangeable, although the assemblies as a whole may be interchanged (a complete points assembly for example - but not the points and condensors by themselves) so restorers do need to ensure they know what they have. They were installed as follows:

Nippon Denso

J (1) K (1) L (2) M (2) A (2) B (2)


J (1) K (1) L (3) M (3) A (3) B (3)(4)

Note 1 - so far at least, no data is available on which countries these were used in.

Note 2 - fitted as standard equipment on the E1 General Export machines.

Note 3 - listed as also being installed on E3/E28 North American machines, but so far at least only Nippon Denso units have been observed in Canada (E28).

Note 4 - fitted as standard on B models sold into some European countries. Refer to the Country Specific section for additional details.

Additional information is still being collected and combinations of ND/Kokusan electrics have been found in the field - as more verified data becomes available, this page will be updated.

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