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GT550 'Specials'

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'Specials' in this instance does not refer to the one off, personal creations that so many owners have built but rather to those small, limited production runs of GT550's made to fit a specific marketing opportunity.

1971R / Prototype

Not a 'special' in the sense of it being a limited production, but special as it was the first.


Suzuki Dunstalls

Paul Dunstall first produced one of his seat/fairing combinations for the GT550 in 1975. In 1976 he was offering conversion kits for the GT750, GT550 and the GT380 which included a fibreglass tank cover with blended seat,rear fender, and separate sport front fairing, as well as a handle bar mounted fairing for the GT250. The Heron Suzuki GB line-up shown below was offered in 1976. Production stopped in 1977.

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