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A Field Guide to the Suzuki GT550

Model Year 1975 (M)

Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd.

Please refer to the Country Specific Versions section for additional information about machines sold into your market.

1975 marks a major change point as the North American model engines (Canada and the USA) continued on with minor changes only, whereas models sold into the EU and elsewhere differed significantly. Regrettably, Suzuki did not use a different engine numbering sequence and so the two engine types have commingled numbers.


Below are pages from the 1975 Service Data manual manual showing the NA/EU differences at the start of the 'M' model year.I have more of the manual covering other models available at this link. Beside it is are the parts manual pages showing the carburettor changes late in the 'M' model production. Note also the needle jet and pilot jet changes.

Note: North American carburettors remained unchanged from the 'L' model 34111 type till the end of production.

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Power: EU Models - 48.5 DIN hp at 7,500 rev / min

Final drive ratios: 15/36, U.S. and Canada continued with 16/40

Painted parts: Tank, side covers

Colours (varied by market):

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