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GT750 Label Locations

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The warning and information labels usually get lost or removed over time, especially if the bike has been painted. While several companies do sell copies of the labels, there is very little published information available showing the actual locations where these should be supplied, so it is hoped this section will be of use to those that care about such things !

For the 1972 'J' model year, the correct locations were:

  • The battery warning label was on the right frame rail in line with the battery.
  • The warning label about not blocking the oil filler cap was located on the on the inner rear fender - in line left to right across the fender, reading left to right (so right side up) and in a line just below the fender brace
  • The 'revving up the engine' label goes on the handlebars in between the handle bar clamps.
  • The tire pressure warning label goes on the rear fender centred between the lower edge of the fender and the lower edge of the tail light mount
  • The chain washing label goes on the left side shock, centrally positioned on the lower edge of the upper shock cover.
  • The coolant label goes on the radiator tank filler flap, centrally positioned on the flap between the two white pin-stripes

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Additional warning and information labels were added beginning in 1973 - the correct locations were:

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For the 1974 L model year, two new labels were added (and were used for the balance of production):

For the 1976 A and 1977 B model years:

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