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1974 Suzuki GT750L

This was our first Buffalo which we bought in our first year of marriage, and it was also the first new vehicle I'd ever owned ! I recall that when riding with my wife as passenger, it would pull like a train and cruise all day at highway speeds carrying ourselves and our luggage without ever breaking a sweat. It was a great bike, and I wasn't the only person who thought so as it was stolen after about 5 months.

The GT750L starting frame number is GT750-40247, and the starting engine number is GT750-43041. The model code was 312.

The 1974 model is something of a hybrid, in that it had a mix of 1973 and 1975 features, and so in some respects is both attractive from a collectable perspective, but also difficult to repair as some components are unique.

As mentioned previously, the E1 General Export versions are covered here - for country specific versions, please see this section.

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