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Police Bike "Patroller" Models

Suzuki had made a T500 Patroller model (seen to the right in an image scanned by Glenn Reay) which was sold into Malaysia and possibly elsewhere in the late 1968/1969 period prior to the introduction of the GT750 and GT550 versions. According to information posted on the KnKCycle web site and elsewhere, the Patroller version of GT750 was offered through 1972 to 1976 and were mainly used in Asian and African countries although a handful were sold in Europe. Each batch sold differed in the options/configuration included. They were also featured in at least one television series - the 'Wild 7' police drama filmed in 1971 and 1972 in Japan (refer to the .
K Model Patroller pictured to the right (just click on the images for a larger version)
K model Patroller instrument cluster variant. (just click on the image for a larger version)

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Andreas Kuhn sent along photos of the switch gear on his 1976 A model Patroller, and beside those is a copy made by Glenn Reay of a Suzuki patroller sales brochure for both the 1976 GT750 and the GT550 models.

The general parts manual for the Patroller lists it as being an E11 code - as well I have an E38 Formosa (now called Taiwan) listing. The two parts manuals are very similar, but as there are minor differences I've included both here. Interestingly, the E11 manual says it is basically a K, and the E38 manual says the base model is a J, but it has the front disk brake, a later version seat and an electrically operated siren (rather than a driven one) so it would seem to be later rather than earlier. The T500 Patrollers appear to have been MK2 machines with MK1 fuel tanks, so perhaps the E38 version is a similar 'parts bin' special.

The E11 General Patroller Parts Manual

The E38 Formosa (Taiwan) Parts Manual

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Ko Wei-Tsung in Taiwan sent me a few photos of the Patroller that he is restoring. He tells me originally the police bike frames in Taiwan were painted red and his bike does show signs of that. In the photos below, you can see how it would have looked when new, and how it was when he found it. Just click on any image for a larger version.

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